Well, I’ve been given an address for a 720p version of Owl’s Well that Ends Well, I think its the itunes version which means no watermarks, but its a new source that has all the episodes in 720p.

Owl’s Well that Ends Well

Swedish Pony Video Files

Someone do me the favor and alert me if there is something fishy about these files, its a new source and I don’t download the HD versions cause my internets are not the best, so if someone who does download this, give it a scan and let us know.

TrollHD which is the source of the raw HDs that Mentos encodes and uploads for us, doesn’t seem to be recording them on Friday anymore.  The new episode does air several times over the weekend, Saturday @ 9:30am and again on Monday @ 1:30pm, so they are probably grabbing the rips during one of those viewings now.