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It seems’s Tori Michel landed an interview with FiM’s song composer, Daniel Ingram.  It’s a little light on the pony, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.  Catch it here if you’re so inclined.

TM: You’ve worked with a lot of great shows (My Little Pony, Martha Speaks, and this new show Littlest Pet Shop), which cartoon has been your favorite project musically or which one are you most proud of?

DI: I’m proud of every show I’ve done, because each show offers a unique challenge to me. To try to discover what sound the show will have and put a signature stamp on that, and each time I kind of crack that and discover it and get into that new sound, I’ve been very proud. I know with My Little Pony, it was the first time I was doing very ambitious songs, and naturally I’m very proud the songs and I’m grateful for the opportunity that Hasbro and DHX afforded to really push the boundaries of what we could do with daytime television songs, so naturally I’m very proud of that. And actually I’ve gotten to do the same thing with Pound Puppies and will Littlest Pet Shop. I’ve got to say I’m pretty blessed to have had so many wonderful projects.