Alcobrony takes on the 501st Legion at Geek Media Expo


(NASHVILLE)—Come join AlcoBrony the weekend of Oct. 24-26 as they take on the 501st Legion to win the Room Party Rumble at Geek Media Expo.

AlcoBrony is a group of bronies—the adult fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic—who provides geek-culture conventions with quality entertainment through panels, events and room parties. They are known for being the longest running panel group in the fandom after running their first pony-related panel at Animation & Gaming, Ohio in March 2011.

The Room Party Rumble is GMX’s themed-room-party contest to see who can host the best party. The 501st Legion, a con-going group known for their Star Wars-themed cosplay and events at conventions, has been the reigning champion since the contest began in 2009.

In efforts to break tradition, AlcoBrony will be hosting their own 21-and-up party filled with magic, friendship, prizes and of course booze. In honor of Nightmare Night, the show’s holiday homage to Halloween, the event will be held in AlcoBrony’s Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon party rooms on the fourth floor of the hotel. Free drinks, including AlcoBrony’s signature death punch, will be provided for those 21 and up who present a photo ID with birthdate.

The party that collects the most “likes” from attendees of the convention wins the contest. However, the likes are also able to be purchased for $1.00 per like. Thus, you can help AlcoBrony win by contributing a dollar to their ChipIn online at

This year GMX will be held at the Cool Springs Conference Center attached to the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs hotel. Registration and additional information for GMX is available on their website:

For more information: Follow AlcoBrony on Google+, Twitter or Facebook for updates such as room location and times for the room party.

ATTENTION, MEDIA: For more information about this event, e-mail Starlight Ironhoof via [email protected].

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