John Lentini of Anime on Location kindly sent in a series of interviews they conducted at Cutie Mark Con.

Aside from the interviews with the show guests listed in the title, they also interviewed VAs Kimlinh Tran and Rina-chan, and show hosts Emily Jones and Dennis Daniel.

Andrew Francis

(Shining Armor et al.)

Richard Ian Cox

(Snails et al.)

Matt Hill

(Soarin’ et al.)

Brynna and Brian Drummond

(Babs Seed and Carrot Cake, respectively, among other roles)

  • Thank you very much Derpy Hooves News!! And for all our My Little Pony friends who are also anime fans. We have several interviews up from Anime Central and will soon have interviews up from Colossal Con!! Thank you again!! – John

    • Well thank you for the fluffy interviews!

  • Dogman15

    I’ll have to watch all these when I have the time – I’m also very interested in that puppet stuff that happened recently.