Children of the Night is a fan based animated project developed solely by two people. That would be me, Jordana G, and my husband, Richard S.

It tells the tale of what woud have been the origin of Nightmare Night, and the catalyst element that forced Celestia to banish Luna.

After defeating Discord, Canterlot was witnessing a very slow recovery. Misery could still be found everywhere around, specially for the ponies that had less means.

Luna thought that expanding the kingdom and founding a new pony colony elsewhere would give a solution to the problem, allowing the ponies that she would choose for the matter, a new brand future. Celestia refused the proposal of her sister to scatter Equestria. For after such a great lack of harmony she thought it could shatter the kingdom forever.

Being denied and in the shadow of her own sister, Luna decided it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission…

If you are a curious one, and you want to peek for more, you can visit our production blog right here:


This project is not associated with Hasbro or DHX media in any way. This project is being made solely for entertainment and portfolio purposes and no profit will be made from it.

Music and sound:

This song is a remake of “come little Children” originally composed by James Horner and seen in the Disney Movie “Hocus Pocus”

This version belongs to Kate Covington, who rewrote and completed the song, and also did the voice and music arrangements. We obtained specific permission to use this song in our project, directly from her.

You can check the original song here

If you want to listen more from Kate, you can also visit her website as well.

  • Nother Nonymous

    The liquid black calligraphic sketchiness of this animatic is part of its great charm. I hope it won’t disappear into Flash stiffness and pastel self-inking in the final version!

  • beautiful, just love this song and with the animation i find it that it relaxs me and it makes me ope that everyone could hear this