derpy_box_by_wingedwolf94-d9y4qxr[1]Derpy Box by wingedwolf94

After having been suggested a few days ago by Google that the rest of MLP season 6 would be coming back on August 6, zap2it now reports that the show starts again on July 30. Unlike the Google listing, it shows only one episode airing that day, Stranger Than Fan Fiction. This also happens to be the same day that S6 hits Netflix.


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Ah…. I really hope these last 14 episodes and the movie will be worthy, since unless the announced Big Hero 6 show is worthy as I hope it will be or I get interested in Star Vs. The Forces of Evil again I couldn’t find anything else to watch for the future, so for what I know they could be the last pieces of animation I could watch (Disney movies aside)… not mentioning that my heavy disappointment in that colossal waste of potential called The Robomechabotatron from Wander Over Yonder thaught me that even the best producers can disappoint. No matter how the last two episodes of WOY were amazing, no matter there wasn’t any episode in the MLP S6 I disliked and no matter the two shows are made by different people, disappointments can always happen.

    Sorry if I might sound like “my life depends on this”, but you know, when a passion (actually two) that you followed for almost 15 years doesn’t offer anything else you like, to the point you’re about to quitting…. well, you can understand how I feel.