Anthology 3 Premiere and Charity Prestream

Later today, the Anthology team will be running a charity livestream for the New York Cancer Research Institute, during which you’ll be able to buy Anthology-themed shirts and posters with the proceeds going to the institute! Afterwards Anthology 3 will premiere.

Please note that I took the liberty of touching up the press release a little because it traveled through a medium that does not allow linked text.

We will be running a prestream with the crew of Anthology showing both Anthologies, 1 and 2, and a few Season 4 episodes on Saturday, December 7th, 5 PM EST.

During the stream we will be promoting our shirt and poster charity where people can buy those items with designs from Anthology 2 and 3, and the proceeds go to the New York Cancer Research Institute.

The Anthology 3 premiere stream on EFN will take place at 9 PM EST later the same day.

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