This is a personal request, which I always avoid doing on this site.  I could fill books at art type things I would love to have drawn, I use to always be asking Madmax or the other art bronies on /co/ back in the day, but my requests would go unanswered.  There’s been only two things I ever asked for picture wise and got.

A.  Buddha Derpy (I added the background to the image seen on the left side).
B.  Dead Trixie half eaten in the forest aka the “GildaDidIt” picture.*

* Side note – Back in December of 2010 there was a person on /co/ roleplaying the Great and Powerful Trixie, it was cute for a time, but everyone started to get annoyed with this one person (who roleplayed the character 24/7 on the board).  The person went as far as to make their own threads while at the time we were trying to keep everypony to a single /co/ thread.  But during one of the ‘shut up trixie’ sessions we would have, I just randomly (cause I’m twisted) requested for a picture of Trixie dead and half eaten in the Everfree Forest, and 30 minutes later that picture was born.  Made some people sad and I always felt bad about it, I think it was one of the first dead pony pictures.

Back to the point of the post.  I am looking for someone to draw a holiday picture of Derpy, its currently Canada Day for a few more hours, followed by the 4th of July this Monday.  I live in the very very rural region of New York along the border and Pinkie would love it, as everyone on both sides of the border will party this entire weekend.  Sadly I don’t get to enjoy any of it.  My business is selling ice and ice accessories (okay well just the bagged ice, but you know, KotH).  Basically I want somepony to draw me Derpy like sitting on a block of ice holding both a US and Canadian flag (or both Derpy and Dinky each holding one), but in short, surprise me.  It would make my weekend as I won’t get a day off until the middle of next week.

If you take on the task, just drop or link me the picture via postmaster

Happy Canadian Day to all our Canadian bronies.

  • Plaster

    Ice eh? I sell bread, I know exactly whats going on here. Screw summer holidays. On topic: I was thinking of doing a semi regular derpyart dump, we got one email this week for one but if people want to start submitting their pics I think it would be neat. I also like to use them for news posts

  • frith

    I'm working three out of those four days and I shovel manure for a living. Exotic manure, but still manure. And I stand up in front of crowds and talk about manure and manure accessories. Like, how long it takes hay to turn into manure. About manure caked to the walls getting removed with a pressure washer. About manure getting turned into an endless carpet… and then thrown out. About fish getting fed via manure… And then I parade through the crowds with a wheelbarrow full of manure. Tru fax!

  • Plaster

    sounds… nice