[Art]Discordantly 4

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 (S)He’s really pumping these out isn’t (s)he?

In this one there’s a big ol’ discplaimer mentioning that this is all headcanon and that (s)he doesn’t really care what you think of it’s believablility and/or direction.

(S)He also put a mature tag on this one so if you don’t have a dA account I’ll upload it to another source for those who are following along at home.

Spoilers: The mature tag was for implied genocide.
speaking of genocide, if I may shift focus a little. I beat Dead Island finally. Game gets pretty tedious by the end if you’re flyin solo. Do it justice, play with friends. Now that i’ve completed all the games I’ve wanted to play I can focus on ponies more. 

Missed one?
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On one final note, we here at DH like the idea of following an ongoing strip, maybe not something this frequent but it all comes down to you, the viewer. I will be making a poll sometime in the near future asking if you would like to see us “syndicate” comics. Stay tuned

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