Artist of the Week: D4SHTH3R4INB0W

Welcome again to another edition of Artist of the Week. This week’s featured artist is D4SHTH3R4INB0W, mod of Ask Teenage Applebloom and creator of OC reskins of Garry’s mod ponies. You can look him up at his DA page here, and his ask  tumblr here. You can find his interview after the break!

How long have you been into art?
First off I’m British so our education system is different but when I was in primary school around year 5 I used to just draw stickmen wars. That was pretty much all I could draw. And I got very creative with them, I even got me and a friend to create 2 wars on an A3 piece of paper and stick them together. But I never really was a good artist. I just doodled smiley faces and stick men throughout high school. Near the end of high school I got in to ponies and then started to draw more.

How did you learn how to create art?
Pony art got me in to drawing again but I started using empty bases of ponies to draw over. Then I started to draw ponies without needing the bases I printed off, then I eventually became a decent artist. I also had some friends draw art of my pony list Vokaloidrinchanfan on Deviant art (  Her art style was awesome and I ended up picking up that style after replicating it a few times so a big thanks to her! Most of my artwork was done with pencil on paper and scanner into my computer, then I went over the sketch with the line and the freeform tool on Macromedia Fireworks.
Then for Christmas I got a tablet from my sister, didn’t ask for one but she got me one anyway. (it was to stop me from using up all the paper) and I fell in love with it! I also got a free version of Paint Tool Sai which is an amazing program. I started to draw and get used to it and ended up where I am now.

When did you start using Gmod? What do you like about the program? When did you start making mods for games on it?


According to the very first achievement I got on GarrysMod which was to play single player once I’ve been playing Gmod since Jan 8, 2010. I’ve also spent a combined total of 1711 hours on Garrysmod. I had spent most of that Roleplaying on a server I actually used to be an admin on. It was Penacos Newbie RP and it was fun, I’ve always been one to put tons of detail into my Garrysmod pictures because I always replicated real life things in that RP server. Realistic houses, gardens all that stuff. Then when I found ponies I started playing it less and less. Then I cancelled my admin and stopped playing multiplayer a lot. I still go online and I’ve returned to that server a few times but not as much as I used too.
I started by making mods to TF2 weapons, reskinning them and adding things. I started with Fallout Equestria themed things since that was my all time fave fanfiction ever! Then I applied the methods of Reskinning from TF2 to Gmod. All it takes is an art program like Macromedia Fireworks and VTF edit.
Also since EQD forgot to mention him on that nightly roundup for Equestria Gmodly a friend of mine called Yukitoshii on Deviant art hexes all my models, so me and him work together a lot.

How did you get into pony art?
Well Really I can’t remember fully, all I remember is drawing a picture of RD after tracing it from the screen, then I got the bases and started drawing over them and eventually I was able to draw ponies without the bases. I also used to enter the artist training grounds a lot before it stopped. I know its re-started but I just don’t feel like entering anymore.

When did you start making ponies in Gmod? What inspired you to start creating them?
When the Garrysmod ponies were rigged to Gmod by Oogaboogaman I thought I wonder if anyone has reskinned the pony models yet? That when I took Rainbow Dash and turned her in to Calamity from Fallout Equestria. I then did the same for Velvet Remedy, I sent them to Seth and he put them on the Fallout Equestria main story page (along with all my weapon reskins.) Then I created the very first original Character Pony in Garrysmod, the character belonged to the awesome writer ButterSc0tchSundae. That was the very first OC pony in Gmod, there were no others before that. Then people started asking for their characters to be put in Gmod and eventually I got bored of forcing myself to put peoples OC’s in to Garrysmod because I like doing what I want and if I’m told to do something I sometimes have to force myself to do them. So OC pony requests were stopped and now I reskin whoever I want, whenever I want. There are still people over on DA who still do pony OC reskins so if anyone wants one ask around on the Gmod-ponies group (



What inspires you about the pony community? Whom are your favorite artists and musicians, and how have they effected you as an artist?
What inspires me is that people like me who had no talent to start with, gained talent and became who I am now with 300+ followers, 200+ watchers and tons of awesome friends. To be honest I don’t have many inspiring artists, I bet your thinking I’ll mention someone like John Joseco or Pixelkitty but nope, I’ve barely seen their stuff, I’ve seen the odd pic but that’s it. But really one person who actually inspired me was my friend I mentioned earlier Vokaloidrinchanfan. Because seeing her style and replicating it to a point that its not a blatant copy helped me get better.
The musicians I like, number one Mic the Mic because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have half my followers and watchers on DA and Tumblr. My reskin of Mic got me fairly well known in the musicians area. I mean, Alex S asked ME to make him a Gmod pony, that happened after me and a bunch of musicians and friends played L4D2 verses. I also drew a picture of Tombstone,  Glaze and Jackleapp who got me a bunch of followers on Tumblr which I am happy for. And now I’m in the Vocational Death Cruise which is a small competition on Tumblr and I’ve talked to some of the artists competing and they are all just so awesome and friendly, so basically anyone taking part in the VDC.

Why did you choose teenage Applebloom as your character for your ask blog? What are your plans for this Tumblr? What do you like about using Tumblr?


I chose a Teenage Applebloom because Applebloom is my fave pony and I didn’t want to create another Applebloom clone blog like we have with RD, Twilight and all that. I wanted to join those people who create altered canon ponies like lil miss rarity, pirate dash, pinkie-tard people like them. (I just read the first few altered canons I’m following on my Tumblr)
I don’t really have plans for my Tumblr, I just wanna answer questions and maybe think of a story later on, but for now Questions. Tumblr is great for ask blogs because they can ask questions, you answer them in art form, print screen the question add it to the picture, upload photo,  easy.
I have a friend who says Tumblr is basically twitter, I tell him to kindly shut his face.

Have ponies changed the way you think as an artist (what inspires you about ponies)?
Well I use to draw all gory stuff like stickmen getting torn in two by a shotgun but since I’ve been into ponies I’ve drawn nice and sad thinks and not just blood guts and stickman intestines. So its basically the happiness and friendship that inspires me. Now I might just draw two stickmen with guns hugging. But I still do some gory things like Garrysmod pictures, sometimes some guy with a gun taking out zombies or combine with awesome post processing effects. (God I love bloom!)

How have ponies effected your life in general?
Well I draw more, and I barely go out. That affecting life isn’t it? But what I’m planning is to find some bronies in my area so I can have at least 1 friend who likes ponies because at the moment my friends hate ponies but tolerate me because I don’t rant on about them every second. If I find bronies in my area I would see if they could go down to London for the London Brony meetup, then I could meet up with some friends for mics stream and skype. One person who I definitely want to meet is Pipsqueak the PMV maker/rapper because I just want to hug his little 13 year old ass until he can’t breath. (not gay or creepy, honest!)
Also ponies got me in to Doctor Who. I read a bunch of doctor Whooves fanfics and ended up buying a Hard cover copy of them, the writer has stopped selling them so I own a rare doctor Whooves hard cover book. I now own all of series 1-4 in a single box set and I own the 11th doctors sonic screwdriver.

What else do you do besides art (hobbies, jobs, etc.)?
Well I can sing, I could create music if I could be bothered to install Cubase 5 on to my computer, I play games and I’m a doctor who fanboy. But at the moment I’m unemployed and I suck at finding job since I’m not the most confident person in real life. That’s why I set up commissions, so I can earn money for drawing.

Do you have any future projects that you are exited about?
Well I had an idea that features an alternate reality version of the CMC where they were abandoned and were now homeless, but it would be in a happy way like they don’t care that they are homeless because they have each other kind of idea. Much like a kids show where they have little adventures. When I was thinking this idea up I had the art style that the Tumblr ThatScootaloo uses, but I didn’t want to blatantly copy it, so I merged it with my own style and created something different.

What was your favorite project that you worked on?


Well I’m trying to start a fad among Tumblr artists which is Tumblr Riders (inspired by sonic riders) which is basically just Tumblr characters on hoverboards and stuff. Its like a project to get everyone involved just for fun because there’s no competition and there is no prize, just  drawing your character on a hoverboard on a race track.

Are you working on anything currently?
Other than VDC related art I am working on some Gmod reskins of the contestants in the VDC starting with DiscordWhooves and  The Master. I’m doing them mainly for one of the contestants who used Gmod for his VDC entries and I wanted to give him a few reskins to use.

What advise would you give new artists?
In the great words of every artist JUST DRAW MORE!
In the words of the funny Greg Davies  from mock the week! A wise man once said boys and girls that if you try your hardest you can fulfil your dreams. Generally that’s true, but not for you though tom, you can’t read. Also if you are just starting out, try using some pony bases, then after a while see if you can then try and draw without the bases.

One last note I’d like to thank Gendid for doing this interview, Vokaloidrinchanfan for her awesome art that helped me get better, Yuki for hexing all those Gmod reskins quickly and for being generally awesome at Gmod pics, Mic the Microphone because if it wasn’t for him I would have half the followers I have now, and finally everyone in Mic’s stream, anyone taking part in the VDC and all my skype buddies!
Also most of the Brony musicians for keeping me sane with their music!
And the biggest thanks of all, everyone behind MLP: FiM.

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