Artist of the Week: Slugbox!

Winter Outfit

Hello there, Derpy Hooves News followers! My name is Gendid, and today is the premier posting of Artist of the Week on DHN! Artist of the Week is a segment devoted to spotlighting the artists and creators of our fandom that have kept us entertained for months now! This week’s artist is Slugbox, creator of the blob pony Cteno! You can find Slug’s DA here, his Cteno tumblr here, and his Cteno store here! Please enjoy an interview with this fantastic artist!

We have the youtube with the audio after the break!


  • plaster

    I would personally like to welcome Gendid to the team!

  • JHaller

    Congrats on the staff nomination Gen.

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    • Hey anon, grab a beer and join in, could use a good pivet-man