Artist of the Week: Turbo!

This week’s featured artist is none other then Turbo, mod behind the illustrious Ask Blueblood! You can find the true king of tumblr here, Turbo’s mod blog here, and his DA here. After the break, please enjoy a text interview with the artist, along with some samples of his work!

How long have you been into art‭?

Like every single kid with too much imagination and too little interest in school I‭’‬ve always had interest in all forms of visual media.‭ ‬Comic books,‭ ‬cartoons,‭ ‬movies,‭ ‬paintings,‭ ‬if it had a shape and it was colorful I liked it,‭ ‬however it wasn‭’‬t until recently where I actually TRIED to become some kind of artist myself.‭ ‬It is not an amazing tale of self discovery and‭ “‬The Path of the TURBO‭”‬ however as much as it was‭ “‬my sister bought a tablet,‭ ‬didn‭’‬t like using it,‭ ‬I took it and decide to doodle‭”‬,‭ ‬I do not have it anymore but I do believe that my first picture with this cheap Brazilian tablet was Fred Flinstone throwing a football at his daughter.


How did you learn how to create art‭?

As you probably noticed by now I happen to be a very immature man.‭ ‬I capitalize on this lack of adult mentality by wasting my time watching lots of cartoons,‭ ‬needless to say,‭ ‬everything I know‭ (‬which is not much mind you‭)‬ about art and pretty much anything visual is just me trying to copy what I see and what I like from people with actual talent and knowledge that worked on all of those shows.‭ ‬I don‭’‬t have any formal teaching,‭ ‬I never read a single book on art,‭ ‬I probably should,‭ ‬I am just far too lazy to do so.‭ ‬I should probably start paying for some kind of art school since the waste of money would be a good way to force me to learn.


What unique challenges‭ ‬do you face as an artist in a country outside the USA‭? ‬Do you have any advise for artists in the same situation‭?

Challenges are situations that one meets when trying to achieve something,‭ ‬as I said before,‭ ‬I am far too lazy.‭ ‬I have dreams and wishes but absolutely no drive to actually meet those because I am aware that a random guy from Brasilia is never going to end up in Hasbro drawing Optimus Prime‭’‬s new toy.‭ ‬I am afraid that I have never faced a single true challenge because I never really tried to go‭ ‬beyond my job which is being a clerk at a nearby print shop.

The only advice I am qualified to give is that whoever you are or wherever you are you should strive to do more than what old Turbo here did,‭ ‬which is actually TRYING to end up somewhere instead of sitting down and waiting for life to throw you a bone.‭ ‬I am a really good role model if you try to use me as example of what not to do.


How did you get into pony art‭?

I‭’‬m not sure if I can say that I got into pony art as much as I got into the show My Little Pony itself.‭ ‬I always drew fan art of things I enjoy,‭ ‬I was one of those kids that would waste their entire school time drawing Pokemons murdering Digimons because Digimons suck and should die instead of writing down notes.‭ ‬It was all very natural,‭ ‬I was checking out the shows from The Hub,‭ ‬I liked FiM,‭ ‬I drew fan art of it.‭ ‬That simple.


Why did you choose Blueblood for an ask blog‭? ‬What do you like about Blueblood‭’‬s character‭?

Choosing Blueblood was a very natural development because both the character and myself share a very important trait:‭ ‬we are both magical horses that prance around the universe feeding on rainbows and happiness.

On a more serious note,‭ ‬I chose Blueblood because nobody else would.‭ ‬The fandom itself decided to hate a fictional horse for his crimes against another fictional horse‭’‬s dress and that kind of made me root for the big lug in a way.‭ ‬He was a coward and a complete lout in his sole speaking role in the show,‭ ‬two very negative traits that can be twisted into delicious‭ ‬humor,‭ ‬I found his screen time hilariously blunt and rude and that just happens to be the kind of thing that makes me laugh so I instantly jumped and grabbed on the chance of drawing a little horse saying and doing horrible things.


Why did you decide to‭ ‬bring Blueblood back‭? ‬Will the blog be around for a while again‭?

Considering how‭ ‬99%‭ ‬of the blog‭’‬s content is Blueblood being a terrible living being I think people would be disappointed if my reasoning for bringing it back weren‭’‬t horrible as well.

I have a friend that absolutely loves Obama AND would ask me to bring the Tumblr back nearly every single week of our lovely time together.‭ ‬When the same won the presidential election I knew it was time to prank said friend with that anti-Obama picture.‭ ‬It was going to be a joke whose whole purpose was amusing myself by mocking somebody that I consider my brother from another mother.‭ ‬Turns out I had lots of fun doing it,‭ ‬it was funny,‭ ‬I couldn‭’‬t stop giggling for minutes and that‭’‬s when I noticed‭…‬ hey,‭ ‬why‭ ‬not do a few more‭?


I doubt,‭ ‬I really doubt,‭ ‬it will ever be as active as it used to be back in the old days but I find it fun and it is a good way to force myself to keep drawing and avoid getting rusty,‭ ‬I suppose it will stick around until it stops being fun again,‭ ‬if one isn‭’‬t having a good time with his own work then what Is the point‭?

Other than getting paid that is.‭ ‬Which I don‭’‬t.

What other animation shows do you enjoy‭? ‬What do you like about them,‭ ‬and would you recommend any to pony fans‭?

I have‭ ‬a long list of animated show that I enjoy,‭ ‬all for different reasons.‭ ‬I love Transformers because of the characters and the drama,‭ ‬I love the new Looney Tunes show because of the humor,‭ ‬I love Adventure Time because of‭…‬ whatever Adventure Time is supposed‭ ‬to deliver that show is like getting high without the hangover afterwards.

I wouldn‭’‬t recommend anything to pony fans because every big group is so very diverse,‭ ‬it is impossible to know if a fan of something will like this other thing,‭ ‬but I suppose I would like to point out that before My Little Pony:‭ ‬Friendship is Magic I used to judge every book by it‭’‬s cover.‭ ‬Now that I am giving everything a fair chance no matter the prejudices I have about the subject I noticed that I have a much bigger watch list‭ ‬than before,‭ ‬so go ahead and give everything a try‭! ‬I am enjoying Ben‭ ‬10:‭ ‬Omniverse right now and I spent the last‭ ‬5‭ ‬years absolutely loathing said franchise‭!


How have ponies effected your life in general‭?

Ponies made me watch more cartoons and download Skype.



What else do you do besides art‭ (‬hobbies,‭ ‬jobs,‭ ‬etc.‭)?

I have a boring job that thankfully pays well enough to keep steady both‭ ‬household needs and leisure.‭ ‬I suppose there is also University which I will be finally ending this December and a long list of things that I love to waste my money on like transforming robot toys,‭ ‬movies,‭ ‬video games and the occasional dog whistle.‭ ‬So I can blow it middle of the night and waking up the neighborhood‭’‬s dogs,‭ ‬my favorite‭ ‬prank in this entire world.


What was your favorite project that you worked on‭?

Back in high school I got to prepare a stand for blood sampling where I would poke people‭’‬s fingers with needles and use a few chemical substances to find out their blood type.‭ ‬I liked it because I got to make‭ ‬this really fat girl I hate scream.‭ ‬That was a good day.


What advise would you give new artists‭?

Never listen to me.‭ ‬Ever.‭ ‬I do not know what I am talking about.‭ ‬Go‭ ‬to some kind of art school or course and learn from professionals with their minds and skills in the right place.‭ ‬I‭’‬m a farm kid,‭ ‬the best thing I can teach you is how to wrestle a goat and that is hardly part of the‭ “‬Being Artist‭”‬ package.


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