Another art post?! Have you lost your minds? Nope, it’s a party folks, act like it.

Shutterflye is a self-proclaimed Derpaholic. Drawing mostly Derpy art, it’s no surprise that we would chose this guy/girl (damn internets!) to spotlight for the birthday festivities.

Now, Shutterflye is/was a regular over in the pony flockdraw but is currently swamped with rl things and isn’t able to find the time. Basing on word of mouth and this tutorial, these were all made with a mouse or a trackpad on a laptop. No fancy tablets here, if that has changed, I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen him/her in a while now, which makes me a sad plaster.

[Deviantart Page]

 Without further ado, let’s get to the art! This isn’t all of it, so please take a trip over to the dA gallery to check it all out.

cupcakes vs muffins
  • RoboPlop

    These were all made with a laptop trackpad? That's crazy! Extreme kudos to you Shutterflye!