tumblr_mqpknmWDVl1rrc6tro1_500Aquatic Neon sent this in.

Just like the blind bags we’ve already seen, this looks to be in the same style.


A fashion style Rarity has bright magenta/purple/bright yellow mane and tail with “twice as fancy” marks on her hooves and face in the same colors.

tumblr_mqpko10Ca01rrc6tro1_500She’s super pretty, with the marks only on her display side.



  • Bubblegum

    I wonder if these are meant to tie in with anything, or if it’s just Hasbro’s toy department being random….probably the later :P

  • Manic

    Makes about as much sense and Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle’s RC cars, or all those Pinkie Pie/Sweetie Belle bundles when they’ve never really interacted in the series outside of group scenes.

  • Scootareader

    She’s… beautiful.

  • Okay. She’s gorgeous.