Artwork Aftershock #11 – MMMMystery on the Ponyville Express

Sherlock Pinkie by ~otlstory

We’ve missed out on a few of these, though sometimes there just isn’t that much art made about the episode. MMMystery on the Ponyville Express though, everyone had to get in on those hats. Its a touch depressing to know this is the second to last Aftershock before it gets shoved away in a closet like old Xmas decorations, but such is life. As said, my motto for everyone this summer is go outside, and enjoy it, and keep in mind if the Mayans are correct, the world ends in December. And now, some art after the page break.

FYI if you looked earlier and there was no pictures, that’s because there was no pictures. This is what happens when you’re making posts at 5am in the morning. We now have pictures.

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