Artwork Gallery:  300+ images have been added to the artwork section, for everyone who checks it out.  Its been a few weeks since I updated due to time, so that’s what has been collected image wise.  At some point maybe we’ll get a way where you can view all the new images, rather than dig for them.  More to come by the weekend, as even now I’m several days behind my searches.

WANTED:  To keep the site chugging along, I’m looking for reporters.  This was talked about before but no one really bit down.  Basically you’d find community news and submit it via the submission system.  Both Plaster & I now get the submits.  If someone does a good job of finding news and such, we will talk about direct access to the news blog (like myself and Plaster have).  Hit me up via [email protected] if interested, so I know its not just someone with a ton of submissions.

DerpyChat:  For users of DerpyChat here on DH, the system is currently offline.  No I’m not removing it like I did back in March, it was reported (and checked) tonight that some major bugs have cropped up and caused the system to fail, basically many people logging in cannot get in or are getting directly kicked, and even when in the chat, using smilies are causing people to get booted.  I’m not sure of the problem yet, but we will either upgrade or replace the system (either with a new one or a fresh install).  Despite the comment of the bug reporter, the chat system is a good one, unless there are other complaints about it besides the current bugs.  I’ve used the system on multiple sites, but I am open to a different system.  The main keys are this is a linux server.

That’s all for now folks, got submission updates coming up here in a few.


  • Plaster

    I'm also going to just put out there that I think that EqD and Derpysquad have the videos under control, also I know that people go there first for news normally and I won't just rip news from them unless its really cool/important.

  • VioletYoshi

    I'm the bug reporter. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but to be honest, I know of no other chat that has kicked me out every single time I've signed in. I'm sorry, but a chat that does that isn't a good chat.