Aurora Details Pony Plushie Line

Image Provided by Aurora

Image Provided by Aurora

A recent press release sent to us by Aurora spells out their line of plushies, some of the most show-accurate to date, as far as mass-produced ones go.  Catch the relevant parts of the release after the break, along with an extra image.

“Our mid year product releases encompass new plush products that feature a variety of styles[…], as well as innovative designs and attractive fabrics across the board,” says Michael Kessler, Aurora’s SVP of sales and marketing. Aurora mid-year product releases include:

Aurora - MLP - Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash w logo

Four plush styles for each of six characters — Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy — highlight Aurora’s new My Little Pony line based on the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series, produced by Hasbro Studios and airing on the HUB Network in the US. “Our team did a great job with these elegant and stylish ponies; the line includes 24 different styles.  They look just like the animation,” says Kessler. Aurora’s innovative and completely new Pony Tail Carriers (5” x 6.5”) include a plush pony (6.5”) and both have long sculpted hair and use various fabrics (SRP: $17). Standalone plush ponies are available in two sizes (6.5” and 10”; SRP: $7 and $20 respectively) while the line also includes Aurora’s two-piece Fancy Pals™ style: a plush pony (6.5”) with personalized, matching carrier (6”); SRP: $17.

  • Rarity AND Applejack?! Ahhh! They are so cuuuuuute :3

  • Manic

    I will get all of these. I actually like the spaghetti haired ones, but these are even better. Well, except Twilight’s eyes look off.