Best Episode Ever
I knew when I changed the news feed into blogger that at some point I’d do a few polls.  So our first shall be Best Episode Ever, which I think needs no more instructions.  The poll is at the bottom of the page, and ends at the end of the month.

News Feed Menu Buttons
At the top of the news feed you will see menu buttons.  When you click on them, it will give you the specifically tagged posts (and I will be retagging everything in our archive).  So for those who are looking for pure news, click on news.

Also got a few random questions I came across about the site that felt like they needed some answers.

Q. Is DH turning into a NSFW board? (due to things like the My Little Problem comics).

A. If I find a delight in it, I’m going to post it.  If it makes a few people scream, then I’ve done my job.  The front page will always be kept SFW, anything considered NSFW will carry warnings.  Porn will never appear, but if you get fired because you’re at working looking at something on here that you had to click to get to, not my fault!

Q.  Is DH going to start covering meetups?

A.  No.  I’ve seen some flack in general from the Otakon post, but we did have two staff members there.  I see this place as a newspaper, and the community does get spotlighted from time to time.  The only other 
meetup I plan on covering is the broNYcon in September.  

Q.  Is the site ran by just one person?

A.  No.  It was during all of Season 1, but this site has a staff of  8, 5 which are article writers from random places.
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