Big Apple Ponycon Announces Andy Price, Stephanie Buscema & more


It’s been a busy week for us here at Big Apple Ponycon! Then again, here in ‘the city that never sleeps’, we don’t tend to rest on our laurels!

We are delighted to announce two more amazing guests from the smash-hit IDG My Little Pony comic: Mr. Andy Price (the other half of the Cook/Price team, Ms. Katie Cook also being slated to attend) and Ms. Stephanie Buscema, the MLP cover artist recently featured at a signing event at Midtown Comics. With the addition of Mr. Price and Ms. Buscema, our Comics panel is sure to be AWESOME!

Plus– pony broadcasting is coming back to the Big Apple! We’re delighted to announce the attendance of Celestia Radio, BronyState and The Brony Show, who’ll be teaming up to provide round-the-clock coverage of all our awesome events!

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We’ve also added celebrity PMV mashup artist Unanimous Delivers (‘Your Face‘, ‘Pinkie Trigger‘, ‘Night Of Pony‘) to our Guest of Honor roster! Who knows what amazingness he might reveal at the convention?

Speaking of amazingness, check out this new audio promo clip from Tara Strong, who will be participating (along with fellow Guests of Honor Katie Cook, Mic the Microphone and more!) in a series of ultra-limited charity VIP luncheons and one formal VIP dinner, where you– yes, you— will have the opportunity to dine with the VIPs and get your portrait photo taken with the #twilightlicious one! But you better hurry before the tickets are all sold out…

And while we’re discussing tickets, we have added a new class of ticket prices for those who want better seating than the standard-issue tickets, but can’t quite plump for our Sponsor or Super Sponsor spots. They’re called ‘Preferred Seating’, and they ensure seating in awesome seats in rows 4 through 7! Check them out in our store.

We’ve also begun to list confirmed and paid Vendors on our Vendors page! We’re just getting started, but already, the list includes tons of well-known names from throughout the community. Give it a look! We’re going to be the destination for pony shopping this Spring!

Finally, a warning: Be aware that TICKET PRICES ARE GOING UP on December 28— from $50 to $65 (renting a swank hotel in NYC isn’t cheap!), so be sure to lock in your cheap tickets today! Also be aware that if you want Tara Strong’s autograph, you must pre-purchase autograph vouchers from our Store; they will not be sold at the convention (to prevent long lines!). A limited quantity are available, so order soon to avoid missing out!

The prices of some add-ons, notably our heavily discounted Poster Set, will also be going up, so buy now while things are cheap!

NYC locals: Come to our Dinner and a Deal event coming up this Thursday in Manehatten, where you can pick up tickets for just $40 and dine with the Bronies-NYC crowd!

Well, that’s about it for now– but we’re just getting warmed up! Be sure to pick up tickets now, before they get pricier… you’ll be kicking yourself later if you don’t!


~~ The Big Apple Ponycon team ~~

P. S. Like our banner up top? It was done by ~MysteryFanBoy718 on deviantArt– a proud Brooklyn local!

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