Ask MLCBlobs

We’ve got a couple to share with you!

First, of course. Is the Bronyville podcast. Seeing as I was on it, it was inevitable right?

That one is an hour and a half long-ish but I was laughing even listening to it on my own, so check that out. And the previous episode had one of our favorite artists/commenters, Pixelkitties!

Then we got this one in the mailbags; Equestrian Tides, a brand new podcast from two hosts, Magic and Toasty. They gave us a shoutout and I thought it would be nice to return the favor. Give them a shot!

And to round off the podcast news, Driving Distracted will be pushed back until Saturday or Sunday due to scheduling constraints. Sorry for any Inconvenience.

Onto other news, A lot of you have noticed that Flankbook is currently Dead in the Water. We’ve gotten a couple people asking us how they can help bring it back up. The best I can do right now is point you in the direction of the [email protected] email. Ask them what they need and how you can help, asking us won’t do much for them.

  • pixelkitties

    Just listened to the latest Bronyville a few hours ago! It was enjoyable as always, with the possible exception of missing out on the wit and wisdom of one Mr. Chef Sandy! I must say, you filled in for him quite ably, though!

    I look forward to you going for the hat-trick with appearance number three in the near future!

    Also, when does Driving Distracted go from occasional post to full-fledged podcast? =)