Slow news days are slow, but I’m all for ushering that nightmare fuel Skyrim horse off the front page.  It keeps staring at me with those cold, dead, HUGE eyes.  Anyways, seems the official Facebook page for The Big Lebowski has taken notice to the reference in last weeks episode.  For fun, read the comments which are a mixture of joy and butthurt.
[Source: Applecider of Bronyville via Twitter]

In other news, I’ve closed down the fan rating episode.  I meant for it to only run to Monday @ 10am but obviously set the date for Monday the 21st and not the 14th.  S2E6 receives a 4 out of 5.

  • Anonymous

    People are seriously getting mad about this? My god. I mean I don't mind that people don't like the show, but getting mad about something like this is just stupid.

  • Ultamia

    It's the internet mate, what can you do about it? But I must agree, some people took the rage a bit too far. I don't see the harm in this show making a reference. It's not like they're trying to insult them.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure The Dude wouldn't get mad over the show.

  • Anonymous

    This show really brought out the insanity on both end of the spectrum.
    On one hand we have the obnoxious, "proud to be a brony" type of fans, on the other hand we have people who garner unhealthy and irrational amount of blind hatred towards the show.
    It's just a fucking cartoon people, it has no real significance, stop treating it as it's the second coming of Christ!
    I swear if it wasn't called My Little Pony no one would make such a big deal about it.
    What a crazy world we are living in.