Bleeding Cool: My Little Pony #1 Cracks The 100,000 Barrier For First Print

MLP#1 Midtown Comics Derpy Cover Variant by Amy Mebberson

It seems that MLP #1 has actually topped 100,000 orders, selling out the first print run, reports Bleeding Cool.  They also report that a second print run has begun, ready two weeks before Christmas.  I’m actually kind of glad I ordered the Derpy cover variant, shown above, even if it is relatively expensive.  This does, of course, beat out a number of DC and Marvel comics, but then, given the obscene number of cover variants, we’ll see how sales go for subsequent issues.

Also a post from Andy Price on the 100k and on the mulitple covers:

Bleeding cool reports that issue one of MLP Has crested the 100,000 point… that means it will end up being one of the biggest selling comics of 2012, beating out the majority of Marvel and DC titles.

That’ll put a dent in the Batmobile’s fender.

Issue one has already entered a SECOND PRINTING, as well as the boxed set!!! Issue one isn’t even on the stands yet, and it’s going back to press! You guys are amazing!!

Now, a lot of people are complaining about the multitude of available covers for issue 1 (and 2). In the long run, really… what is it that upsets everyone? There is absolutely no reason to buy them all… it’s the same comic, just different covers. If you are a collector/completest, than shouldn’t you be EXCITED that there are more to have? if you don’t take joy in the things you collect, you may want to rethink collecting them to begin with. I did.

Get the cover that YOU like! If you want them all, than enjoy the fact! There’s no reason to be upset because there are more offerings… that’s like going to a desert table and complaining that there are more than 2 kinds of cake…

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