Happy Brony Day,
Today was declared “Brony Day” by somebody, I got this wrong at first and it wasn’t the official MLP twitter feed, someone tweeted that at them, and they said sure why not.  So either way, everyone seems to be doing something in celebration, and we’ve joined in with a contest (thanks to SS of EqG).
We here at DerpyHooves, along with our affiliates (EquestriaGaming, Bronies Facebook, Everypony, Flankbook, Equestria Online & Pony Steam Group) are holding contests to give away free copies of the new game Terraria.  Everyone has picked something different, and the obvious pick for us was a Derpy Hooves comic.  Here’s the details for our contest (stolen from EqD & StrawberrySpice’s E-Mail).  For a full read on what everyone is doing, here’s EqD’s article on it.
Contest Details:
Make a comic with Derpy Hooves in it!

1.  Derpy must star in the comic or be in a major part.
2.  Comic must be at least 3 panels long.
3.  Color not required but never a bad thing.
4. Deadline is august 25th

You can send the submissions to [email protected]
The email Subject should be ‘Derpy Comic Contest’

You’ll get to see them all when the contest ends.  Have at it.
  • Taco Bandit

    I just sent my off. Don't know if I'm eligible since the second panel it quite bad art. But it goes with the comic I say. Well good luck to all the contestants ^-^

  • DerpySquad

    You're eligible. So far you're 1 of 3 who have entered.

  • Superbolt101

    Is it too late to enter? I'm still working on mine, but i wanted to be sure I could still enter the contest