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I know some may question as to why I keep posting about this, well first its because they keep sending it to me, but its also I believe in keeping the news neutral. I’ve voiced my cynical views about the project, and as said I do not stamp a final judgement on it until I see the end result. Along with the latest update, Everfree Radio has sat down and interviewed Coderbrony, the man behind the project. Video of the interview behind the page break, and copypasta directly after this line:

In bullet points: The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has signed on as our official designated charity for the ad, partially as a result of a good word put in on our behalf by The Hub. I also received a call on Wednesday from Margaret Loesch (CEO of The Hub), who wanted to personally express her astonishment at the success of the project, and appreciation for the sentiments that the ad expresses.
There should be an official statement out of The Hub tonight or tomorrow, depending on the speed of their PR department.
Here’s all the details:
Two pieces of big news to announce. Firstly, we have the designated charity for the advertisement, The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. This is a very high-profile, nationally known, and respected charity, and we’re Pinkie Keen pleased to be associated with them.

The other piece of news is that I got a call on Tuesday night from Greg Heanue, VP of Marketing and Promotions for the Hub, asking me if I would mind getting a call from Margaret Loesch, President and CEO of The Hub. Of course, I was more than happy to talk to her, and she called Wednesday night to say how pleased and astounded they were at the success of the project, and the message that it was sending. In the course of the conversation, we discussed two minor changes they thought might make the script even better, and after running them by the folks in our forum and hearing no objection, we have incorporated them into a new version of the script that is now up on the video submissions page.

The first tweak they suggested was to make the ad more representative of all MLP fans by opening with “Hi, We’re fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and we’d like to say thanks.”, rather than “Hi, we’re bronies.” We’re not throwing out bronies, though. It’s now at the end of the ad: “And to the creators and writers for bringing a little more honesty, loyalty, laughter, generosity, kindness and magic into the world, for kids and bronies alike.”

The second tweak was to change the wording to acknowledge the contributions of all the creators, rather than referring to specifically to Lauren Faust. I both see and agree with their point. We all know Lauren was a big part of making the show awesome, but people like Jayson Thiessen, Sarah Wall, Rob Renzetti and James Wootton, to name just a few, also were instrumental in getting it launched. Thanking all the creators, rather than just Lauren, is only fair.

I’d also like to make it clear that at no time were these suggestions presented as anything more than things they thought might improve the ad and that they wanted us to consider. Had the people participating in our development forums responded negatively to either of the ideas, I would have politely declined them. But we all agreed that both changes improve the ad, so we’re happy to use them.

I’d also like to personally thank Greg Heanue, who called Toys for Tots to put in a good word for us on behalf of The Hub. It was evidently very helpful in influencing the charity to agree to work with us. It was a really wonderful experience to get to talk to an industry legend like Ms. Loesch, and doubly so to hear how much they love the brony community and are genuinely touched by the project we’re undertaking.


Interview by Everfree Radio

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    This project needs to be stopped, its out of control. It is making me ashamed of liking MLP:FiM, even when the show itself does nothing of the sort. No other fandom in history has shown itself to be as (for want of a better term)”autistic” as this portion of the brony fandom. I cannot believe that anyone on this planet could possibly believe that this is a good idea, I mean seriously. At least both of the suggested tweaks help in lowering the severity of this breach of human decency, but it doesn’t do anything about the fact that this entire project is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY HUMILIATING TO EVERYONE WHO CALLS THEMSELF A BRONY. Its like they’ve lost all ability to keep their interests to themselves, somehow liking MLP has caused some people to go full flamboyant, throwing their love of the show around like its the flavour of the month. And bronies wonder why an ever increasing portion of the internet wants them to f**k off!