Bronycon 2012 Live via Midnight Run

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by =Koneko-Kisses

Welp, in 4 days roughly 4,000 bronies will converge on NJ, and that’s all I got. Some predict chaos, and others (like myself) figure it’ll be just like any other convention (or what I assume as I’ve never attended any). Just remember to carry your anti-pasta spork with you at all times. At DHN, we do have 3 individuals attending who will also be backed up in the reporting department by Celestia Radio. Anyways, this article isn’t about this, but it seems the folks over at The Midnight Run will be providing some streaming action, here is their copy / pasta.

Ahhh Summer! A time of hot weather, beaches, vacations, and the biggest gathering of bronies EVER! That’s right Bronycon 2012 and if you didn’t get your ticket then the Midnight Run has your exclusive ticket to ALL THINGS Bronycon. From panels, to floor reports, to exclusive interviews, MLP Swag, pulse news updates, NO other stream will have this much coverage of the convention as a whole! Here is what we have in store for you guys!

Friday June 29th at 10pm eastern will be our bronycon preshow. With everything for people going to the con and those who will be watching live. Exclusive interviews, reactions from the fans, and behind the scenes looks at some events.

Saturday June 30th

Sunday July 1st

BUT THAT’S just the live events! In-between we’ll show exclusive floor reports. To get more info check out to find out the exact times of when the floor reports will be aired. What more could we do to make this event even better? Well.. how about we make you feel like your ACTUALLY there by doing all this in HD.

If you want you can purchase ad spots to play in the ticker or get a full screen ad for the event. $10 per ticker add $20 per full screen ad. Please note this will only get you one play of the ad. You can advertise DA pages, other brony sites that you have made etc. (NO RULE 34 sites will be allowed). All the money raised will go to Help KiKi and her cancer treatment

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