Cheerilee + Big Macintosh by *mysticalpha

Peter New to appear on Bronycon’s Livestream, Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:30pm ET. Copypasta from Supersonik below:

Hello everypony!

It is my pleasure to announce a very special guest on this week’s BronyCon Livestream: Peter New, the voice of Big Macintosh! Everyone’s favorite shmoopie woopie poo will be joining the BronyCon senior staff to answer a few questions from the audience, chat about his preparations for BronyCon, and maybe have a special announcement of his own~?

Tune in to Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:30PM Eastern Time (EDT) to join us in welcoming our latest Guest of Honor, and if you have a question for the BronyCon staff or for Peter New that you would like answered on the show, please submit it to our twitter, @bronycon.

Swagger on,
Director of Event Operations
BronyCon 2012

  • Dogman15

    Aw darn, I’ll be working until 8:45 Pacific time.