Get ready for a party, because BronyCon just broke 3000 attendees!

With 8 days to go, we’ve got less than 1000 slots left for attendees, so if you’ve been holding off from registering, now is the time. The number of registrations we’re seeing per day is going up at an almost unbelievable rate, and the odds that we’ll hit 4 kiloponies are pretty high — make sure you’re one of them!

Need a little more incentive before making the trip? Well check this out…

Bronypalooza? What’s that, you ask? Is it some kind of gigantic meetup?

Not at all! Bronypalooza is a huge concert at BronyCon Summer 2012! It runs from 9:00 PM on Saturday all through the night, with the party only wrapping up at 2:00 AM on Sunday. We’ve got acoustic music, electronic music, and a huge laser show planned! And it’s all performed live!

Yes, live indeed! All of your favorite Brony musicians take center stage for their sets, and give you everything they’ve got! And guess what, we’ve got the lineup right here!

Oh, what’s that? You want to see it? Well, I suppose there’s no harm…

Bronypalooza is broken up into two separate concerts, with an intermission in the middle. The first concert is Bronypalooza Live. You’ll get the opportunity to see:

  • Beatle Bronies / Forest Rain
  • Tarby / Cyril Lyric
  • Naught Note / Ajax / Kezz
  • Neighslayer / Deth / Metajoker / Nightcolt

Oh, right. Each one of those slashes means that the performers are working together, teaming up on a collaborative show. We’ve got some huge names coming together to put together some incredible music, all throughout the night.

After Bronypalooza Live, we’ll have a little intermission, hosted by our lovely MCs, Rina-Chan and Bree! And once we get things going again, we’ll serve you one hell of a show during Bronypalooza Electronic, where we’ll drop the bass so much it’ll just keep bouncing!

  • LaserPon3
  • The Living Tombstone / LaserPon3
  • Art Attack / Silva Hound
  • Alex S
  • Balloon Party (CircuitFry / BMD)
  • Omnipony
  • EHT / Aviators
  • Mic the Microphone / Jackle App / DerpyGrooves / Tarby

Oh, and don’t worry: we’ll clear the chairs away so you can get in there and shake your flank to these awesome beats. Go get your glowsticks ready, and limber up. It’s time for the party of a lifetime.

Or maybe cost is your problem? Well that’s actually good news, because we have a way to make the convention even cheaper for you. We have one last hotel code, so be sure to get it while it lasts! Just go to the link below and hit “reserve”. The Sheraton has been gracious enough to give us rates as low as $129 a night. This close to the convention, that’s a steal.

Also, keep in mind that if money’s that tight and you still want to go, you can always volunteer! Donating 8 hours of work gets you free registration, an awesome shirt, and the undying thanks of our staff. If you want to be a gopher, send an email to [email protected]. If you want to volunteer to work registration, email [email protected].

See why we’re letting you know how close to our cap we are? Sign up today, and get down to the Best. Party. Ever!

BronyCon Summer 2012
Meadowlands Convention Center
Secaucus, NJ
June 30th – July 1st

  • Hazzat

    Oh, thank goodness the chairs will be cleared away this time! It just felt wrong seeing Alex S do an incredible DJ set to a crowd who was sitting down…

  • Citrus Rain


    Maybe January was too early for deciding to not go after seeing if any friends would join me.

    Oh well… Going to both the Ohio ones… Perhaps next Bronycon.

  • plaster
    • Spaghetti Nova is the term being used now.