This is an awesome report of the day of the convention from from jhaller2’s perspective, a notable ponygoon and video maker, he hung out with pacce, one of our staff members/friends. I make a couple cameo appearances but not by name… I got skipped over, forever forgotten ;A;

His final thoughts line up with mine, even with the well known organization and other minor issues, this was probably the most fun con experience I’ve had. I’ve been to cons where I’ve met up with a group of people I know on the internet and I went to bronycon planning to meet like pretty much everyone there. So many great people showed up and even though it’s been dubbed >spaghetticon I still had a great time. You can also check out my audio report as well on DHS with the Driving Distracted: Bronycon Aftermath Episode.


  • See, not everyone has spaghetti pouring forth from their pockets. Definitely props for Bronyville and Everfree Radio who kept the sanity with the questions.

    • Anonymous

      The whole thing with Sprinkles apologizing to Libman was spaghetti enough.

  • XyroTR1

    This just makes me all that much more excited for the summer BroNYCon!

  • gcfBlushie :3

    The time while I was watching that, flew up by quickly as hell :o Nice one. Hot days for a security you say? :D
    Don’t blame me but what does actually means ponygoons :o (i kno ’bout forums yeh)

    • Ponygoons is a community that was originally formed from the Something Awful forums. Back in the Spring of 2011 the mods on SA gave them the boot from the forums (around the same time 4chan was booting their own population around) and the group ended up forming amd the Bronibooru image site. I can’t say that’s 100% accurate, if not someone will correct me.

  • gcfBlushie :3

    DerpySquad yeh Ty for the info. But this ponygoons forums seems like one of the biggest ones right?
    BTW I wanna buy this odd blacky-survilliance-thingy sphere to totally confuse my friends :3

  • Wow thanks for putting it up. Sorry for not mentioning you by name.

    • plaster

      yeaaaaah, it’s alright. The sad thing is that this is kinda par for the course for us. One day I’ll be worshipped too

      • HEY. No drunken commenting. No vacation pay for you.

    • Could you edit it for me? The scene when Seth announces Lauren Faust for June (and a oh so happy Plaster next to him), freeze frame, heart cutout, and a slow zoom in with some sappy best friends music.

      • JHaller

        This is very late because both of my computers with editing software died almost right after I released the trip report. But I finally got one back, and here you go.