BronyState – Brony Movie Night (11/15/2013)

BronyState is having their weekly Brony Movie Night and other events over the weekend. Check out the info below or the image above!

One week to go till new Pony episodes! We’ll begin streaming them live as they air once again next week. Check the newsletter then for more details. This week, however, we have another excellent lineup for Brony Movie Night. We’ll be enjoying the two movies The Iron Giant and Flight of the Navigator. For pony episodes, we have Family Appreciation Day and The Crystal Empire. Lottery picks get pulled on Saturday so be sure to get your entries in by then!

Radio Saturn is live once again with your host Saturn this week with your favorite music hits. Tune in on Friday at 4 PM EST for all the fun! Be sure to also check out Radio Saturn’s official site at

Babble with Bronies is live this week Sunday at 4 PM EST with co-hosts Everlasting_Joy and MrBen to discuss Season 4 predictions and Twilicorn.


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