• Derpestia

    I still don’t trust the admins on bronystate to not just ban for no reason.

    I know they have asked some of there worse admins to leave but it still seems there just as biased and douchey as ever.

    • plaster

      yeah, i recognize your name derpestia, you probably earned that ban

      • Derpestia

        Nah i’m not banned.Also i don’t go to nazistate anymore so it’s very very very unlikely you have seen my name plaster :3

        You one of there fanboys i take it? the ones who get allowed to do w/e :3

  • We don’t ban for no reason.
    We have a full rule-set written out @ http://www.bronystate.net/rules/
    If you have any disagreements either talk to one of the admins or send us an e-mail @ [email protected]

    Thank you

    • Derpestia

      Unless you decide to make a new one.