New spell by ~RodolfoMushi

Lately I know some people have been grumbling about the amount of community posts on here, and we’ve tried to compact them down so they do not take up so much room. Unfortunately at times they don’t always come in all at once, and we end up posting what we got, only to have more. I just wanted to make note that in the future we will be shuffling things around here, and aiming for a more pure news format. For now I will not go into details, but we are indeed working on improving the format of the site. And of course remember you can click the ‘News’ tab directly above the first post, which will filter the posts and only show you the ones tagged news.

WeLoveFine’s Cupcake Challenge has entered the voting phase. They have narrowed the entries down to five finalists, who can be seen here. To vote on the top five finalists, you can go here.

  • Anonymous

    After reading the comments to the cupcake competition, I feel sorry for the people who spent a lot of time trying to make a perfect cupcake, only to get beaten by something so bad. They are in their full right to get upset when something like this gets into the finals. Luckily, the worst entry only has 10 likes, so hopefully it will lose. But still, the space should have been used to showcase people who actually put effort into their cupcakes.