Bronyville Podcast 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Nomination Form



It’s that time of year! No, not the holidays! It’s time for all of those frivolous end of the year discussions and awards! And Bronyville Podcast is celebration the 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Show on December 28th. And this year, to spice things up, we’re opening up the nominations to the entire fandom. So, feel free to vote away to nominate in any of the following categories. But act fast! Nominations will end on the 19th of December and voting on the finalists will begin. Good luck and may the best pony win!
Categories after the page break.
  • Pony of the Year
  • Best Episode
  • Best Villain
  • Best Filly/Colt
  • Best Mane 6 in a Supporting Role
  • Best Background Pony in a Supporting Roll
  • Best Unlicensed MLP Creation / Fan Creation
  • Best Licensed MLP Creation
  • Best Unofficial Animation
  • Best Fanfic of 2013
  • Best Community
  • Best Social Media Account
  • Best Pony Tumblr
  • Best Convention
  • Best Meme
  • Best Pony Reference in a Non Pony Game
  • Best Pony Game
  • Best Worst Idea
  • The “You Tried” Bronze Star Award of 2013
  • Best Actual Good Thing From The Fandom
  • Best Negative Advertising
  • Best Unexpected MLP Fan
  • Best Spaghetti Chef
  • Beard of the Year
  • “Winner Of No Awards” Award for Being A Functional Person

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