Canterlot Gardens Announces Andrea Libman, Quinton Flynn, And Opens Up Their Staff Call!

We at Canterlot Gardens would like to wish the wonderful Andrea Libman a very happy birthday! With that in mind, we can also now announce that Andrea Libman will be joining our other guests at Canterlot Gardens this September. The voice of both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy will be at the Gardens, and that certainly solidifies our party status!

We were also quite surprised when we found out that Quinton Flynn, the voice of Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid series, was interested in attending Canterlot Gardens. How could we possibly turn him down!? Having also done work in Mass Effect 3, Robot Chicken, Bleach, the Kingdom Heart series (Axel and Lea), No More Heroes (Henry), and Final Fantasy VII (Reno), we are excited to have Quinton joining our other VA’s. He’s most certainly an excellent fit, and we know you will all be excited to meet him!

Finally, we have officially opened up for a volunteer staff call! If you would like to volunteer, simply follow this link. Remember that all fields are required for your desired position, and while we have many positions open for those of you out there looking to help out, your qualifications will mostly dictate what we can fill you in on. That being said, all volunteers do receive free admission, a t-shirt, and those of you whom decide to volunteer for all three days will receive two free autograph vouchers.

Canterlot Gardens takes place in Strongsville, Ohio on September 28th through the 30th. As the premier My Little Pony community convention, we look forward to providing the best experience not only for fans of Friendship is Magic, but also for well known cross-related interests that are relevant within the community.

For more information, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on our Official Home Page!

  • Jaime

    Call me crazy but that pic looks lie Ashleigh Ball not Andrea Libman…

    • Nope, not crazy, they sent us the wrong picture, though they do kind of look alike (blonde and kind of the same hair style)