Canterlot Gardens announces Andrew Francis & Others

Canterlot Gardens Guest Announcement: ANDREW FRANCIS! Also, Brony Breakdown, Enterplay, Sugarcube Corner Presents WeLoveFine, Autograph Vouchers, and more!

First things first!

Canterlot Gardens is happy to announce Andrew Francis as our newest addition to our guest lineup. Andrew has been so enthusiastic and awesome about our event that we have to thank him – Plus he’s just an absolute blast to see on stage!

Likewise – Brony Breakdown will also be in attendance at Canterlot Gardens! Not only will they be doing their own panel/live podcast from the convention, but they’ll be filming on the show floor as well and doing general coverage of the event. Make sure to say hello to both Saberspark and Paleo – They’re just about as cool as you can get. [Tumblr]

We can now also confirm that yes, indeed – Enterplay will be in attendance at Canterlot Gardens! What will they be showing? Well, first off they will be premiering the Applejack promo foil card! On top of that, both card packs and boxes will be in stock, as well as a special binder that includes an exclusive 6-card Discord foil puzzle set! Make sure to stop by their booth as we’re sure these will go fast.

We are pre-selling autograph vouchers for our event! We know a lot of people have been waiting for this, so we must apologize for not getting it up sooner. While autograph vouchers will indeed be for sale at the venue, we highly encourage everyone to pre-purchase their vouchers if they wish to assure they get to meet the guest of their choice. [Autograph Vouchers]

Please keep in mind that vouchers are per talent.

Canterlot Gardens is almost sold out! Make sure to pre-register on our website if you wish to attend. At the current moment it looks like we will not be able to offer on-site registration due to our pre-registration nearly hitting the cap, so once the registration comes down, chances are it will be down for good! We will let you know within the week if on-site registration will be available or not. [Canterlot Gardens Registration]

Finally – Sugarcube Corners Presents WeLoveFine will also be in attendance as well to sell, well, you know what they’re going to sell if you’re at all familiar with WeLoveFine’s merchandise. Not only will Sugarcube Corners Presents WeLoveFine be selling Friendship is Magic merchandise, but we hear there’s a good chance they well be bringing along Adventure Time merchandise as well!

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In case you missed it, here is our current lineup of musicians for both the gala, and 2-night concerts. Swag!

Michelle Creber


One More Girl (Featuring Britt McKillip)

Silva Hound



Yelling At Cats

F3nning (Make sure to check out and purchase his new song, specifically made for Canterlot Gardens!)

DJ Tetsuo

WhiteTail (AKA DJ Derpy Hooves)


Chain Algorithm

Cyril The Wolf

Forest Rain




Canterlot Gardens: Quarter Circle Hoof!

Last but not least, the very first official Fighting is Magic tournament, Quarter Circle Hoof, has already begun registration! The demand was so intense that the Fighting is Magic tournament itself sold out within 2 days. That being said, there are still plenty of other games to register for:

[Tournament Registration]

[SRK Link]

The stream will be provided by Jaxel of 8wayrun, and sponsored by BrokenTier!

Fighting is Magic tournament registration may open back up depending on how many extra PC stations we can acquire, so keep an eye out on both Mane6’s and our website for any updates!

It’s also come to our attention that a wonderful girl, Patty Rogers, will be in attendance at Canterlot Gardens. It’s going to be her 14th birthday on Saturday the 29th, and after hearing about her story fighting a cancer called neuroblastoma, we simply had to include her here to wish her the best of luck! You can read more about Patricia here. We know that everyone in the community will help make this her best birthday ever! Make sure to check out her message to the brony community, which is simply heart-touching.

Finally, a note for all our attendees! We have heard about the concerns from the community regarding our venue’s capacity. After checking (double, triple checking!) with the venue we have confirmed that we have more than enough space for our event, and none of our attendees have to worry. On top of that, our updated schedule will be hitting our website very soon, which will include coverage of the entire venue. It has come to our attention that there was a confusion over the rough schedule posted on our website – Making many people assume that we had not rented out the entire venue for our event. So, to clear this up: Yes – We absolutely have!

Thank you, everyone-

See you at Canterlot Gardens!

Carnation, Grevillea, and Klisk

Canterlot Gardens

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