This Is Canterlot Gardens! Without Further Ado, Allow Us To Announce Michelle Creber, Britt and Carly McKillip Of The Band ‘One More Girl’, Silly Filly Studios, And More!

Klisk is on the road, but before he leaves we have yet another group of announcements to hold you over!

That’s right – Michelle Creber, the voice of Applebloom, and singing voice of Sweetiebelle will be right here along with all the other guests at Canterlot Gardens. Speaking of singing, Michelle Creber is going to be one of our performers at our Gala! Get ready to dance and socialize with class as Michelle performs on stage.

Joining her is the band ‘One More Girl‘, which features none other than Britt McKillip and her sister Carly! Their newest single, Maybe, has got a ton of attention recently and we are thrilled to announce that One More Girl will be joining Michelle Creber as one of the many performers that we have lined up to grace our Gala with their talent. One More Girl will be playing original music from their previous and upcoming albums. In addition to this – Britt McKillip, who will of course be joining our other panels and autograph sessions, is known as the the voice of Princess Cadence!

You can hear, and find out more about One More Girl at their official home page.

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Both Michelle Creber and the McKillip sisters will be available for autographs and other star-studded events at the one and only Canterlot Gardens!

Some of you have complimented our website within the past 2 weeks or so – And this certainly is not without reason! We recently overhauled the code and now have the resources available to keep it properly up to date, so expect huge changes within the next year as it really becomes a hub for fans of My Little Pony, and our convention!

Moving on, we have a really cool panel announcement. Silly Filly Studios, whose fantastic library of work can be found on their youtube page, is preparing a panel covering how to form and run your own production group. Their group consists of great people such as Kira Buckland, Meredith Sims, Zedrin, TehJadeh, Hannah May, and Jen McGregor – All of whom plan to be right here at Canterlot Gardens! Zedrin wrote up his own announcement for this panel – Check it out:

Silly Filly Studios will be presenting a panel on the basics of forming an animation and production group! If you haven’t heard of us, our current featured animation is Luna’s Cutie Mark, as well as a few small promotional animations we have done for events and cons. With another project in production, there is now the perfect chance for us to present some practices for others also looking to go into animation. We’ll be going over many topics, including:

  • What’s necessary before starting a production.
  • How to cast and recruit members and ‘sell’ your idea.
  • How to keep healthy dynamics in your group and collaborate effectively.
  • Some basics behind vectoring, flash, and puppet rigs.
  • How to handle audio.
  • Special teaser surprise at the end!

We’ll also have a Q and A section where you can ask any questions about the animation process.
We hope to see you all there!

Definitely check these guys and gals out!

Meredith Sims is also organizing our fan VA panel! This one sounds like a blast – Join Meredith, Kira Buckland, Kimlihn Tran, Jenny Nicholson, and Hannah May as they walk you through the process of starting out in voice acting, what it’s like, and little secrets and tips of the trade! On top of that, they will of course be hosting a Q&A section, and if there’s enough free time some lucky guests in the audience will get to join them on stage for a script reading / mini-tutorial on voice acting!

Finally, don’t forget, our auction application is now open! You can find out more about the auction, and the application form itself, by following this link.


Please don’t forget that on August 20th our pre-registration badge prices are going to increase from their current rates to the new “on site” rates! Don’t fret, however – You will still be able to pre-register online before the convention, but the prices will now reflect a 5 dollar increase on both the single and 3 day passes. Single day passes will increase from 15 dollars to 20, and three day passes will increase from 35 dollars to 40. Well… That’s assuming we don’t sell out before the 20th! So make sure to pre-register now to save!

Klisk is currently at Everfree Northwest! Say hello to him this weekend. Our booth is located in artist alley – We have t-shirts for sale, and Klisk is there is there to answer any and all questions. Make sure to bother him!

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Forums are still awaiting your participation! Make sure to check them out!

With love,

Canterlot Gardens, Carnation, and Grevillea.

  • HotCat

    The interesting thing about Britt McKillip is that she’s at the same age group most Bronies are (around 17-28) so I’m interested to hear what she thinks of the whole phenemenon.