Good evening, ponies!

We have a double headliner tonight, with both Peter New and Daniel Ingram confirmed for Canterlot Gardens! Please read on for more detailed information.

Peter New will be right here at Canterlot Gardens joining our other guests in on our weekend of excitement! From autographs, to panels, to simply having a good time the voice of Big Mac will be joining the star-clad ranks of Canterlot Gardens.

Likewise, via skype, the well-known composer Daniel Ingram will be in appearance at the Gardens for an interview during our production panel. Ingram will not be alone during this panel, as he will be joining several other guests including our previously announced Meghan McCarthy, and other guests that you will simply have to wait and see.

Danielle McRaeThe voice of Painwheel from Skullgirls – Has also confirmed her appearance at Canterlot Gardens alongside our other voice talent. Having also done voices for League of Legends (as Karma the Enlightened One) and World of Warcraft (Hagara the Stormbinder), we just couldn’t turn her down when we saw how enthusiastic she was for our convention.

From now, and until August 20th, ticket prices for our single and 3-day badges will remain at the current discount rate of $15 dollars for single day badges, and $35 dollars for 3-day weekend badges. On August 20th the price will increase by 5 dollars to our standard rate, making single-day badges $20 dollars and three-day weekend badges $40 dollars. If you haven’t already registered, do so now! Badges are limited and we’re coming close to selling out.

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Canterlot Gardens will also be holding two auctions at our event! Here’s the rundown for those of you interested:

We are having both a charity auction, and a silent auction. Anyone interested can find out more and register at this link.

For the charity auction, 50% of all proceeds go to Toys for Tots. Anyone can donate something for the auction, including even people unable to attend Canterlot Gardens! If you are unable to make it, please make sure to approve the item you wish to donate with us before sending it via our web form. Please include a picture and description of your item(s). All items donated for auction must be uniquely crafted items, such as customs or plushies, related to My Little Pony. The charity auction will be on stage and livestreamed.

Our second auction, the silent auction, will be held in our artist ally and not livestreamed and/or on stage. Items in our silent auction can only be submitted by in-person attendees. Like our charity auction, we prefer the items be uniquely crafted. 80% of the final sale price goes to the individual listing the item for auction. Items may be disapproved at our discretion pending on content.

On the community side of things, Fillydelphia Radio will be at Canterlot Gardens for a live broadcast right from our grounds! On top of that, make sure to stop by and say hello, since they will be doing attendee interviews. Fillydelphia Radio has been amazing supporters of Canterlot Gardens over the past months, so definitely give them our thanks.

Adding to our concert roster, HeyLasFas will be at Canterlot Gardens for his very own set. Possibly best well known for his epic 90’s inspired concept album Nightfall, HeyLasFas will be joining Tarby, Forest Rain, and our other musicians for our concert event. Likewise, HeyLasFas will tentatively be playing drums for both Tarby and Forest Rain, so it looks like he is going to have one crazy night of performance! Having already seen him perform, we can easily vouch for his talent. Donate this crazy guy a cupcake! [Youtube]

Finally, our thanks goes out to the community! So far we have seen an amazing response in preregistration and even volunteer applications. Hopefully we don’t sell out too soon! Even more impressive, our male-to-female attendee ratio has actually proven that the girls in our community are out there representing in full force – With more than 50% of our attendees currently being female, we are easily proving how diverse and fantastic our community is.

Just some reminders:

Volunteer applications are now being accepted!

Hotel Discount Rate: Please remember to use group code EQU while checking out. Our current discount rate is $79 dollars/night, ensuring that Canterlot Gardens is affordable for everyone. Strongville Holiday Inn

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Forums are still awaiting your participation! Make sure to check them out!

Until next time,

Canterlot Gardens


  • Dogman15

    It’s such a shame that Daniel can’t attend in person. I hope they learned their lesson from the January BronyCon, and that there will be much less technical issues.

  • flintban

    Peter New Just tweeted this and he linked to Derpyhoovesnews instead of eqd. Brohoof ^_^/)

    • I retweeted it. He’s the only show person I know of who is aware (and I believe a reader) of this site, at least when it comes to the ‘big names’. GlamourKat (fan during season 1, staffer during season 2) did tell me some of the animators check the site.

  • Supertide

    Well, Peter has an MP5 there, he’s cool in my book.