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As I’m fairly certain DHN has covered before, Mane6, creators of the pony fighting game Fighting is Magic, are set to appear at Canterlot Gardens in late September. They’ve recently opened up registration for a tournament at the convention, Quarter-Circle Hoof. There’s only a limited number of slots, but you do get a free poster for your $8 entry fee. To those of you who decide to compete, the best of luck to you. My advice would’ve been Mash That DP, but I don’t think any of the current playable characters actually has a Dragon Punch-esque move.

  • Beltfed Brony

    Many thanks for posting this. I jumped on their site and signed up. :)

  • Citrus Rain

    Hmm… I almost decided to sign up for that. But $8 is too much for me to enter a tourney in a game genre I suck at.

    …now if it were Smash Bros