Cathy Weseluck Interviewed by The Markey Mailer

Caffeinated Dragonling by CatWhitney

Caffeinated Dragonling by CatWhitney

Cathy Weseluck was interviewed by Ryan Markey of The Markey Mailer, who previously interviewed Amy Keating Rogers on another blog of his. Thanks for the heads-up!

In the interview, which he again opted to write in prose rather than the dialog form, Cathy Weseluck often touches on pony and on her experiences with the fans of the show. Below a short excerpt.

“At first I was quite shocked in the literal sense, that a demographic of young men from the ages of 18 to 30 or older, were interested in the show, (since traditionally, the show was always geared to young girls) then very quickly, it became a fascination! Having always had an interest in human nature and sociological trends etc., this was certainly new, and somewhat of a phenomenon! All of the ʻBroniesʼ Iʼve spoken with, in similar AND in different ways, have all admittedly been affected deeply by the show, which focuses on kindness and friendship, acceptance of one another, and the old fashioned values of integrity and nobility. … I am touched by these individualsʼ commitment to being examples of goodness and kindness in the world, and to their promotion of the virtues of friendship and tolerance.”

Head over there to read the whole thing!

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