CCG Card Spoilers Post

Here’s your current Card Spoiler Wrap-up! Just 3 cards released for the new set so far, information on what below!

Starting with the first: Princess Luna, from the Lunchbox Tin. The spoiling of Targeted Frightening has everyone excited, stores aren’t keeping these in stock, as myself and a group of friends attempted at least 10 different Wal-Marts either to find that they’re gone, or haven’t even gotten them in yet. Keep an eye out, or ask and see if your local Wal-Mart knows when the card vendor shows up, to make sure you get your hands on this card. However,  again this and all of the cards mentioned here are said to be in set 2 ‘Canterlot Nights” so if you aren’t worried about completion, she’ll likely be a Rare, come the release.

Dr. Hooves


Doctor Hooves, in Rare form!  First time seeing a card comparable to Magic: The Gathering’s ‘Instant” speed. With the way the Doctor here is worded, He is playable whenever there is a faceoff (NOT a Troublemaker Faceoff!) involving a character you control. Say they swoop in for an easy single faceoff, equal power on both sides. drop 4 AT and now you have an extra 3 power there they weren’t counting against. Not the most efficient of ways, but definitely interesting.



Our last card, my current favorite of the 3, It’s great for some interesting faceoff rigging, say you play this and see they have something like Vision of the future in hand. Have them topdeck that vision, play a second one (because Zero cost), and have them burn it to the bottom. Go into a single / double faceoff with less worry they’ll rig it in their favor. I just want to put this card on a stick and use it forever. Easily useable in an AJ mane deck considering how easy she is to flip, and her ‘Boosted’ state puts her power at 3, which is just enough to make this card usable whenever. Also combos well with the previous card, “Doctor Hooves, Just in Time”. Not game breaking by any means, but definitely interesting. Keep an eye out for more spoilers.


If you have anything you’d like to submit please send it to the submission email here at Derpy News. We’re looking for anything along the lines of Deck Tech, interesting combos, or Event announcements! We’re doing our best to organize resources for everyone to have the best experience possible with the game and their local communities. If there is something you would also like to see us cover within MLP: CCG, let us know and we’ll look into it.

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