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CCN (Cowabunga Corner, that is, not Cable News Network) recently put up an interview with Katie Cook, writer for the MLP comics. This one clocks in at around 9 minutes, so it’s fairly substantive. Catch it embedded below the break, or by clicking the header image.

[Thanks to Equestria Megathreads for digging this one up]

In the past few years My Little Pony has been making a big come back with their new series, “Friendship is Magic” as people of all ages are getting excited about the new series, toys, dolls and more. IDW Publishing has recently picked up the rights for the new My Little Pony comic book and brought on Katie Cook as the writer for this new series. Cowabunga Corner News caught up with Katie at New York City Comic Con, just after the IDW panel to talk about her My Little Pony fandom and the directions she’s going with this new series.

Now personally, I do like My Little Pony. I own a few things and have watched most of the new series. I even have a lot of my toys from my childhood still. Though I am not a full blown Brony, some of my best friends are. As they have supported me with my fandom all this time, I am happy to do the same for them and will do other reviews and such here on Cowabunga Corner for “Friendship is Magic”.

I hope everyone enjoys this interview, and would like to Thank Katie for taking the time to talk with us!

Guest: Katie Cook
Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Miki Ivey
Editing: Michele Ivey
Intro: Phoenix
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski

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