Celestia Medium Redux

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Back in April before she became famous (or infamous, whatever) for putting together BroNYcon, Purple Tinker put together the Celestia font. It was made to look like the text font that was used in the title image for the show.

The unfortunate part is that the font used in the logo isn’t a one time font used just for the show, they used a font called Generation B, if you are looking for that for your projects and art, you can find it for purchase here, hope you have 20 dollars to blow on fonts.

Because this was an actual font, people started getting up in PT’s face because she was trying to make something similar, so she stopped working on it.

MattyHex has decided to redo the entire thing and make it different from Generation B, while still holding the spirit of the show and looking familiar to us.

Download and more info on his website!

  • Telofy

    Thanks for the background on the typeface. I didn’t know it had such a complicated past. Celestia Medium Redux is also used by Bronies for Good in their logo.

  • InfinityDash

    Yep! It's an awesome font. I've been using it (well, the earlier versions of it, 1.0 and 1.something) in most of my recent Youtube uploads and my game on dA. I used to use Purple Tinker's font, till I found out about the "controversy," if you can call it that, lol :P. Gotta appreciate both of their work though.

    Very informative post too, keep up the great work DHN team.

  • mattyhex

    So that's what your comment was all about! I see…

    It's only been several months since I last did any work on the font, but what the hell? Advertisement is advertisement.

    True fact: from the redesign I've stumbled upon a really neat way of organising the pages on the server end (whilst hiding them on the user end), which I'm totally using for my current project.