WAY OF THE HOOF by ~marshan3q

“Hey there everypony, DJ Shamrock here with an exciting interview this evening! Be sure to tune in to Celestia Radio at 8 PM CDT (that’s 9PM EDT and 1 AM GMT/2 AM CEST) to hear yours truly interview the two creators of the amazing fan project Way of the Hoof, a competition to determine the best and brightest in fan animation! Joining me will be creators Ian Ballinger and Isaac Noe, ready and willing to talk about this new amazing undertaking! Be sure not to miss out, only on Her Majesty’s finest, Celestia Radio!”


And the contest itself was just announced yesterday’s Friday Night Community. Since we’re talking about it again, here is their official announcement of the contest.

Way To The Hoof Announcement (Contest)

Noe Idea Studios and Golden Creation Productions are proud to announce that we are opening a competition like no other. Six teams of animators (possibly more, depending on how many applications we receive) will be going head to head to create a series of animations that will leave you breathless. Drawing inspiration from the Hong Kong cinema and Anime, these animations will be demonstrating the “Way of the Hoof,” that is to say, Pony Martial Arts. Each team will be working with a musician to create a seamless experience of sight and sound that will show the height of creativity. Once the teams are formed, there will be a 12 week period for them to create their animations from start to finish. After that, the videos will be brought forward for public voting. Once voting ends, the winning team will all receive handmade plushies of their respective OCs or a canon pony of their choice, and the prizes may increase even more depending on the response this generates.

We are now accepting applications for animators of all sorts, concept artists, sound technicians, musicians, and eventually voice actors! Animators are the main class we’re searching for right now since we already do have quite the roster of musicians to work with. Any type of animation is welcome, whether it be Flash, 3D, or even traditional frame-by-frame animation. We all look forward to the incredible works of art that this competition will aid in producing!

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