Charity: Brony UK Convention [BUCK]

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The folks over at the BUCK Convention in good old England are holding a charity event during their convention, and are in need of things to auction off. This can be art, plush, customs, costume markers and such who are willing to donate to the convention for the auction. The charity the money will go to has yet to be picked, but at the moment they are letting the general public via a poll choose. Here are your choices.

  • Action Aid – They help people who are living in poverty.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Trust – Enough said by their name, if you don’t know the disease, look it up, its a bad one.
  • Barnados – They help children who are living in poverty, or have been abused and such.

A good way in my book would be to split the profit between all three charities if there was enough money. I’ve copied the page on their charity, which can be found after the break.

Charity Auction

B.U.C.K. will be holding a charity auction during the convention. We invite need art, plush, custom, and costume makers to donate items to this auction, in order to support a worthy cause. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to a charity that will be chosen by the community in a poll on our forum.

  • Sellers

How much does it cost to enter an item?
Entering an item to the auction is absolutely free. No percentage of auction sales will be taken by the Convention or the Venue. 100% of auction proceeds will go to the appointed charity.

How do I donate an item?
All item donations must be approved by the Convention. If you would like to donate an item to be entered in the auction, please contact [email protected] Once approved, simply bring the item with you to the convention and pass it on to one of our staff. The earlier you do this, the better, as we would like to display auction items before the auction takes place. If you are not able to attend the convention in person, but would still like to donate an item, you can post it to the address listed on out Contact page.

What if my item doesn’t sell?
Any unsold items will be offered up for sale at a fixed price after the auction. Proceeds from the unsold item sale will be treated the same as proceeds from the auction. Any items unsold from this fixed-price sale may be requested back by the donater.

Can I set a reserve price?
A reserve price may be set, but this is discouraged as it can sometimes discourage bidders. A much better way to make sure your item sells at a decent price is to promote it at the viewing stall, and set a fair starting bid for it. Any items that do not meet their reserve price will be treated as unsold.


  • Buyers

How do I find out what’s for sale?
Items for sale will be displayed on the Charity Stall in the vendors’ area before the auction. If we get some particularly exciting things, we’ll advertise them in advance on the website, though we can only do this if we’re given sufficient advance notice.

How do I bid on something?
Turn up to the auction, and follow the instructions we give. Auctions will be carried out as an English Auction; i.e. bids will be open, and rising. The highest bid at the end of the auction wins the auction. By bidding on an item at the auction, you agree that all bids are final and constitute a contract to purchase the item at the bid price.

When do I pay for an item I’ve won?
Immediately after the auction finishes. Items not paid for will be considered unsold, and will be offered for sale at a fixed price on the Charity Stall in the vendor’s area.

When do I collect?
Items must be paid for upon collection, which is at the end of the auction itself.

What if I can’t make it to the auction?
Find a volunteer to go along and bid/pay/collect in your place. We do not accept bids except in person.


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