Curtis Scissons a.k.a. Silvermane sends over this press release. They are seeking participants for a charity run in the immediate vicinity of and concurrent with BronyCon. If you only want to cheer them on, you are welcome too.

From the Casey Cares website: “The Casey Cares Foundation provides ongoing, uplifting programs with a special touch to critically ill children and their families.”

We have coordinated with the Baltimore Orioles, who’s stadium is right across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center where Bronycon is being held, to participate in a Charity that helps families in the Baltimore area who’s children are struggling with cancer. This charity is called Casey Cares.

This charity, as it turns out, has a 5k charity run they are doing on Saturday Aug 3, the same weekend as Bronycon. In fact, the 5k race route goes right next to the Convention Center, and streets in the area will be closed off for this run.

I talked with the race chairperson and told him that there will be a huge convention of “my Little Pony” fans taking place on the same weekend, in the same location as the run, and some of those fans happen to be in the military. I then said that as “bronies” we were very supportive of charities, and we also liked giving something back to the communities that host these conventions. I told him that a group of us military bronies would like to participate in the charity run as a group, calling out military cadences and carrying a flag. He was very supportive of the idea and gave us his permission.

So, I created a team on the charity run website, and got people to sign up.

We would really appreciate anyone who can to “Cheer us on” as we participate in this run. The run starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, right across the street from the Convention center, as mentioned above.

In fact, we would appreciate any NON-military bronies who would like to participate to join us. The entry fee for this run is $35.00 until the day of the race, when it goes up to $40.00. This would be another great way to show the general public how bronies are happy to support charitable causes. Anyone who wants more information can email me at silvermane at bronycon dot org.

So, to sum up;

Event; Casey Cares 4th annual 5k run/walk


Registration fee; $35.00

Time; 8:00 AM Sat. Aug 3.

One final note; If anyone would like to participate, the tam I created for this run is called “FOB Equestria”, and while we’d like participants to join our team, this is not mandatory.That’s about it for now, I look forward to hearing from you soon.