Funko has listed off some hints for their SDCC exclusives, which reference ponies. Feel free to check it out yourself, or be assured that Derpy is getting a clear variant. The hints aim at there being a clear Rainbow Dash vairant, too.

SDCC exclusives can be pre-ordered by people attending the event. You can also pick them up there. Info is on the link above. Info from 3377345 from the MLP Arena.

Breyer600 of the Arena got an entire case of wave 8 blind bags and shared the codes. Unlike before, the codes are two letters, with the first being A and the second corresponding to the pony inside. The codes are embossed on the bottom of the bag below the MLP URL and can be read from the front.

A = 01 Applejack
B = 02 Big Macintosh
C = 03 Royal Riff
D = 04 Mosely Orange
E = 05 Gilda
F = 06 Flam
G = 07 Flim Skim
H = 08 Fluttershy
I = 09 Skywishes
K = 10 Granny Smith
L = 11 Princess Cadence
M = 12 Golden Harvest
N = 13 Flower Wishes
O = 14 Pinkie Pie
P = 15 Sassaflash
R = 16 Comet Tail
S = 17 Rainbow Dash
T = 18 Sunny Rays
U = 19 Gardinia Glow
V = 20 Lemon Hearts
W = 21 Rarity
X = 22 Ribbon Wishes
Y = 23 Lotus Blossom
Z = 24 Twilight Sparkle

  • sailoryue

    did they change flim and flam’s last name? i thought it was flim flim-flam and flam flim-flam