A lot of work was done for this, the original team that vectored this spent a lot of time and effort to do this massive Full 30,000 x 19,824 pixel wide version… only to find 2 OC ponies from the team that vectored it sneaking into an official product. A lot of people (myself included) were pretty unhappy to see this.

For those who agreed, SS just opened up Gimp and removed them. There are supposed to be canon BG ponies in the balloon but you can add those yourself or whatever.

Wallpaper Sized: http://i56.tinypic.com/fktdex.png
The BIG one (no logos): http://www.mediafire.com/?2km7pkjyz6mr6cq

[Update!] the guys who did the vector originally responded and made a second version where a lot of the things pointed out in the comments were fixed and left us with this little bit of info:

Nope. I talked to a storyboard artist from the show and she said that one of the characters in the balloon is indeed Cherry with an aviator cap and goggles, although that version you’ve most likely seen floating around is NOT legit and is simply a fan-made speculation. The other character is from Season 2 and she could not reveal who it is. Here are her words exactly:

“Yea, Cherry is definitely correct…she’s got the hat and goggles…the goggles are not covering her eyes though. And the pose on that fan made one doesn’t look right. She should just be regular 3/4 stock pose w/ her hooves hanging out.

The other pony looks completely wrong to me though…”

A very basic description of the second pony was here but she asked me not to share that info. Her words when I asked her what I could share publicly:

“Should be fine…and no probs. Just say that what the original artist has claimed (it being Cherry) was correct and that the other pony can not yet be revealed as it’s a Season 2 character and a bit of a teaser. That’s all I can tell for now…” – Moongaze

Thanks again for fixing that, even after people got all up on your case about it.

Get the version 2 on the deviantart page

  • Frith

    An empty basket under the balloon is not much better. 8^) There are other glitches… Applejack's hue is too dark, Rainbow Dash's eyes are too small, a parasprite sprouted an extra leg, and I guess Twilight would look better with the gleam back in her eyes. There are other spot-the-differences that are more fun than detracting. ^_^

  • derpymaths

    ^ holy crap frith, i think you may have just ruined this pic for me! lol j/k it was fun to find all that stuff you mentioned.

  • Frith

    It _is_ fun. ^_^ I forgot to mention that Rarity is missing three eyelashes. But Princess Celestia is a lot more sparkly… somepony has a crush.