Comic Geek Speak interviews Katie Cook & Andy Price

Derpy Christmas 2012
by *zomgitsalaura

Its been just over a week since the first issue of IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic hit the shelves. The comic made headlines in the past several months due to the sheer volume of issues being ordered, breaking the 100,000 mark several weeks before the release. The sales were large enough that IDW had to push the release date further into November to ensure they could meet the demand of distributors and general customers. The issue also features over 19 different covers (adding to the sales figures), including the “Mane 6” series which features six different covers, one for each main cast member. These covers can be laid side by side to form one large picture.

An interview today was published by Comic Geek Speak in which the hosts sit down with Katie Cook (writing) and Adny Price (art) to discuss the series. They go over the general public reaction to the book (at times bordering the extreme), getting kids into comics and the perils and pitfalls of Disneyland.

The episode can be downloaded here, or played in the embedded player below.

[Source: The Round Stable]

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