Comic: Least I Could Do "For Brony"

I wouldn’t call this news, but it shows that the fandom is leaking out more and more.  Least I Could Do (LICD) is a long running web comic made by Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza, and follows the exploit of Rayne Summers who is more or less a sexual deviant.  I just happen to be catching up on this, as its one of only a few web comics I read and was surprised to come across a more recent comic making mention of the fandom.  A little research over at EqD and I see it was pointed out several months back that Ryan was sporting a pony avatar, so I guess no little surprise.  Also no surprise since these guys do a lot of Cons.
We’re also keeping our eyes out on a few other places, namely Robot Chicken and South Park.  Currently some moron is passing around a fake tv schedule that claims this week’s South Park is about bronies, but has been declared faked due to some mis-aligned pixels and bad cropping.  DH did check into it and all tv listings do not have any information, mainly because South Park is produced from concept to final product in 6 days, so none of the tv guides know any details until about Tuesday.  Robot Chicken is being watched because they tend to tackle such topics, and that one picture of Seth Green sitting with a giant pinkie pie from Hasbro HQ, but that was taken when he was trying to secure rights to make “My Little Apocalypse” toys.

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