Not a long comic, but figured I”d page break it since I’ve been a little comic happy around here.  Tis the season.

by =Veggie55

  • Pacce

    That last panel, Derpy's heart is broken and mine breaks for her.

  • Fluttertroll

    Derpy: Well… your mane has caught on/turned into fire at least 2 times, Worst that's ever happened to rainbow's mane is that it got wet… and ruffled a bit
    Twi: So your saying rainbows mane can't catch on fire?
    Derpy: Well, no… I mean-
    Twi: Challenge Accepted
    Muffin: This isn't gonna end well

  • Anonymous

    Mother of Celestia, it's gonna be like cupcakes but MUFFINS

  • Painless Wolf

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks all for every bit of heartwarming Derp from our favorite Mail Mare. Oh yeah and Merry Christmas Derpy Hooves. We all love ya. :o)