by *musapan
I know, oh dear god something else about Cupcakes.  Well this is more in relation with the fanfic appearing before all the ponies, and of course their obvious reaction to the story.  Been an ongoing project since about the end of July, and finally concluded here in the past week.  Enjoy.
All 7 stips behind the page break.

  • Anonymous

    I can see a similar plotline in the future of the show…

    Great comic :D

  • Pacce

    Why do you insist on continuing the oldest and lousiest jokes we have as a fandom!?

    Can't think of any 20% cooler jokes or trollestia?!

    Don't want to talk about mmmbananas?

    Seriously, can we just let it fucking die?!

  • plaster

    :| pacce, I know your opinion on this quite well and I agree that it should be put to bed. Especially becuase I know you're good friends with Sgt Sprinkles.

    Unfortunately, it's beoome one of those pillars of the fanbase and up until recently, everyone passed it around like it was one of your friends dad's pornos behind a garage.

    Luckily, people are coming to their senses and it's died off for the most part. But quality works like this still pop up every once in a while, Derpysquad enjoyed it enough to post it, we've posted the previous strips here in the past and it's only natural that we close it out.

    DS is kinda upset by your comment, as you can tell. I'm sure he'll be even worse when he reads this one too because I pointed it out. Sorry bro, you know i still love you guys

  • DerpySquad

    Seriously? Smells like a hugbox going on.

    Ain't a fan of the comment, I go pffft and move on, simple as that. Yeah, it is a worn out thing, best part is I've never even read cupcakes. I enjoyed the comic, was the only good comic that I found today, happens to be cupics, cute reactions from the mane 6, a nice ending in which the entire story vanishes from existance as it may or may not need to do, got nothing else to post today without hours of research and sure as fuck no one else posting anything on this site.

    Its Christmas and not everyone in the world is filled with holiday joy.

  • plaster


  • Chip Unicorn

    This comic is vastly better than /Cupcakes/ ever was.

  • Zeon Slash

    and there's supposedly going to be some sort of epilogue.
    I know the general idea of Cupcakes, read the synopsis, and even found a comic rendition in the works. (I'm more of a visual-based reader anyways. so… yeah)
    anyhow, "Cupcakes" is overrated, it's dead and done, and yet, I still feel the want to see it morphed into some horror survival game.
    I'd play it.

    anyhow, great series of comics there. it was entertaining.

  • Pacce

    So yeah, my reaction was immature and unwarranted. This comic was actually funny and kinda sweet and talks about how one should react to such things; laugh at them for being silly.

  • Anonymous

    I don't want to upset anyone, but taking that fan fiction seriously and still having disputes over it is just plain stupid.

  • Pacce

    I agree anon.

    I am just so very tired of the joke.

  • Ponyville Trot

    I've never read cupcakes, never plan on it. That was a good comic, better than 80% of MLP:FIM comics I've seen.